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Uses and benefits of LEDs

For a long time, LED lighting technology has been evaluated as saving 30 to 70% more energy than traditional lighting devices such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and longer life expectancy when reaching 30,000 - 50,000 hours, taking 6 times of fluorescence and 60 times of incandescent lamps. In addition, LEDs are also applicable in many fields and are environmentally friendly. The trend of using Led in public lighting is showing advantages compared to other light sources.

With the development of Led technology in the next few years, it is possible that LEDs will completely replace gas discharge lamps. Led coordination and solar cell technology is an inevitable development trend in economical and efficient public urban lighting. In addition to the diverse technology and ability to operate, LEDs also have many models that rich lights bring a harmonious combination of quality and aesthetics for users. Imagine the LEDs decorated with peach blossom trees on Tet holiday with each peach blossom is a colorful shiny Led chip or flashing decorative signs we often see or the lighting of chandeliers We have enough colorful colors to see in bars, discos, .... all of which have created a vibrant rhythm with decorative LED products. The amount of heat generated during the operation of LEDs is also much lower (almost insignificant) compared to the conventional light bulbs, which is also one of the reasons why LED lights save electricity. more energy than other types of balls.

LEDs bring rich lighting benefits to life. For lighting for houses or buildings such as commercial centers, companies, ... Led lights have many beautiful and delicate lighting products, along with good lighting capability and can be installed. set in multiple locations. It can be mentioned as Led ceiling downlight with compact and delicate design or Led ceiling lights with many designs, modern designs. For public lighting, due to the need for long, continuous lighting and often used outdoors, the ability to withstand the harsh conditions of the weather and the environment is required. Faced with the situation of energy consumption of the country is increasing rapidly in all sectors, especially the transportation industry, public lighting. The construction of a program of economical and efficient use of energy, development of renewable energy and technological innovation for the country is perfectly suitable and necessary to help reduce the power consumption for operation and the need to use lighting daily but still bring the best efficiency for life, on this point, LEDs can fully meet those requirements.



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